UV Light Purifier

UV Light Purifier

Top Quality China UV Light Purifier

XiaoMai Technology is the fastest-growing name in the UV light purifier manufacturing industry. Since our inception in 2020, we have worked steadfastly in order to make our name as a prominent UV purifier supplier.

How We are Different

Project Details

We evaluate current fixtures and new proposed solutions in a detailed analysis include:

  • Product Cost
  • Project Cost
  • Installation Cost
  • Energy Savings
  • Rebates and Incentives
  • Maintenance Savings
  • Bill of Materials

UV Light Purifier for Home & Business

We are among China’s best whole-house UV air sterilizer suppliers. Our purifiers clean the air throughout the business and home vicinity because they are directly installed inside the central air system. Odors alongside microbes are eliminated as air completes cycles through the system.

Residential & Commercial

We all require clean air to odors and be healthy. As per the EPA ‘indoor air pollution is five times harmful than outside air. Our UV light purifier protects your business and extends the life of your vicinity’s air system. It also reduces maintenance and energy costs.

What Sets us Apart

Responsibility & Sustainability

XiaoMai Technology believes in the professional spirits of its employees. We always promote a trusting working environment across our departments and through this our employees enjoy working together, which ultimately satisfy our key stakeholders and customers.

Customer Focused

All the air purifier solutions we develop have one purpose: to give our customers instant success and strengthen our mutually beneficial and lasting relationships. This has been our core philosophy and has been a testament to our success since its inception.


Innovation always helps us play a key role in developing quality UV light purifier. We continue to use cutting-edge purifiers when producing the next-generation products for our clients and we focus on using sustainable materials all the time.


Item No.: MC-Y-400

HEPA+UVC, born for the current air environment. The sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%, 7/24H continuous sterilization, always care for the health of your family and escort you.




Stage 1

HEPA Filter

Full room filtration starts with a HEPA rated H11 filter that removes larger particles so that the next stage can be most effective.

Stage 2

Medical Grade

UVC Light

A powerful 254nm UVC ultra high efficiency short wave quartz light tube intensifed with mirror grade reflection technology .

UV light is a proven technology used in hospitals for years

It cleans better than chemicals without damaging fabrics . The FDA confirms that UVC light at 254 nm is a trusted technology that is effective at inactivating microorganisms .

Our unique ReflectTech mirror coating when applied to stainless steel increases the reflectiveness by 30%. This means that the UVC light is magnified inside the sterilizing chamber. The widened chamber slows down the airflow while exposing particles to maximum UV dosage. The coating also prevents particles from attaching to the sides of the chamber. 

MagComb is designed to sanitize the air around you , while you’re there . Unlike UVC solutions found in hospitals , or other UVC devices that can damage your eyes and skin everything happens inside the device . There is no leakage of ultraviolet light , and it is safe to use 7/24 hours .

Quality is guaranteed , from the global factory FOXCONN

MagComb air purifiers come from the same factory with Apple iphones




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