air purifier sterilizer

air purifier sterilizer

Quality China UV Air Sterilizer Supplier

We believe in the power of the internet and that’s why XiaoMai Technology is now among the fastest-growing top online UV air sterilizer suppliers in China. Our stand-alone and in-duct UV air sterilizers are used across China in institutional, commercial, and professional installations. We improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality, lower maintenance costs, and symptoms of building-related illnesses, by eradicating airborne bio-contaminants in a single pass.

Why Choose Us

We are a Chinese Trusted Leader in Air Quality Items

XiaoMai Technology has adopted innovation in air purification products since its inception. Our every UV air sterilizer is trusted by institutions, businesses, and consumers worldwide.

State-of-the-art UV Technology for Air Purification

XiaoMai Technology’s products feature industry-leading UV sterilizing technology. Our UV disinfection process is proven to inactivate the reproductive capacity of biological pathogens.

Client Satisfaction is our Priority

We always make ourselves available to answer clients’ questions through our dedicated client support team. We help you find the apt UV air sterilizer that best fits your needs. Don’t feel shy to contact us to resolve your inquiries.

What Sets us Apart

Empowerment of Our People

XiaoMai Technology believes in the working spirits of its staff. We push a respecting and trusting working environment and each of our employees enjoys working together. We believe in growing together along with our key stakeholders.

We Believe in Research & Development

We significantly invest in research & development. We have the commercial aspiration to offer unrivaled innovation via industry-leading UV air purifier.

XiaoMai Technology possesses qualified technical personnel with modern capabilities. Also, we have a progressive mindset towards research and development. We have an in-house research and development department as we place immense value on continuing to produce unique and new air-purifying solutions.

Item No. MC-Y-400-H11




MagComb air purifier sterilizer HEPA 11 filter

Air sanitizing rate 99.9%, Filter PM2.5 fine particles.

Suggest to change filter in 6—12 months

To kill the bacteria and virus is not only aboutTo “Block” , To destroy is most important

MagComb air purifier/sterilizer efficiency filter can remove large particles of bacteria and virus , mold and mites . “Block” is the first step , MagComb purifier/sterilizer can destroy bacteria and viruses 99.9% , to inactive the virus and kill them .

Powerful purification

4 steps to achieve the goal to purifier the dust world : Screening and filtering , interstitial collision , active interception , diffusion and adsorption .


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