Best China pure UV Light Air Purifier Manufacturer

XiaoMai Technology is a prominent UV air purifier manufacturer operating in China. Either you need the purifier for home or for any business premises, we can cover you with our quality product.

What is UV Air Purifier

A duct or air purifier with UV light does not only filter air through HVAC internal air filter system; it also effectively neutralize dander, dirt, dust, pollen, and germs through the power of ionization technology and UV light.

Why You Should Our Air Purifier for Viruses

Traps Allergens

They trap pet hair, dust, and other large particles while expanding the life of the HEPA filter.

Reduces Odors

Our best UV air purifier for viruses helps to minimize unwanted odors from smoke, pets, cooking fumes, and more. We use plastic to make these purifiers.

Quiet Operation

You can use our HEPA air purifier with UV light at the lowest setting to eradicate soft white noise at night for a restful and quiet sleep.

Why Choose Us

We Know Where to Install

To get the most out of our best UV air purifier, we place it in the correct and best location. You don’t need to worry as we know the best location for an air purifier, especially when we are dealing with a portable air purifier. However, for an in-duct air purifier, the placement becomes a non-issue as you can install it into a new or an existing HVAC system on the premises.

All you require is to make sure it is located in an area in the duct, where the air is circulated around the premises and the airflow is highest.

Cleanest Indoor Air

With increased illnesses, especially for COVID-19, XiaoMai Technology recognizes the responsibility that it has to offer a pure UV light air purifier that provides residences and businesses with the cleanest indoor air available. Our purifier units provide 100% cleanest air.

We are proud of our superior carbon filtration techniques. We take it one step further by offering more residences at a better price than our competitors.

With an extensive line of the best UV air purifier for viruses available in the market, we are confident that our line of products is the most advanced compared to our peers.

Our Employees are Our Asset

The staff of XiaoMai Technology is an integral part of our company’s success. Operating as a quality pure UV light air purifier supplier in the market, our clients receive advanced products due to continuous efforts of our workforce.

As China’s best air purifier with UV light manufacturer, we offer effective marketing tools with knowledgeable support to ensure our customers’ success.

Thus, if you are in search of a reliable best indoor air purifier supplier in China, then XiaoMai Technology is the way to go.

Quick Details

 Type Air Purification Specific Use Bedroom Office Hospital
 Size  200mm*200mm*430mm(L*W*H) Place Of Origin Beijing China(Mainland)
Brand name  MagComb  Model Number  MC-Y-400
Color White  N.W(KGS)  3.78kg
Packing size 300mm*300mm*500mm(L*W*H)  G.W(KGS)  3.8kg



During the pandemic time, we need to take extra care, and I use MagComb UVC air purifiers to protect my family’s respiratory health. Not only can it absorb contaminants from the air, but it can also run for 24 hours and it is harmless for human health.

On special days, I use MagComb UVC air purifiers to protect the safety of my guests and employees. It can not only achieve UVC disinfection effect, but also run for 24 hours and it is harmless for human health.

As a dentist , it is extremely important to create a clean space for my patients . For this reason I have equipped myself with a MagComb UVC air purifier , which keeps my clinic clean and sanitized 24 hours a day , making it more comfortable and safe for my patients.


Don’t just collect ! Destroy !

Until now , air purifiers have attempted to collect pollutants on filters where they can multiply and release back into the air . Forget the past . Destroy pollutants instead .

MagComb UVC air purifier

can destroy the most wide range of pollutants , such as virus and chemicals .