Five Easy Steps to Choose a UV Air Purifier


Five Easy Steps to Choose a UV Air Purifier

Air purifiers are proved to be useful for improved the quality of your indoor air and make it fitter for breathing. Contrary to general perception, it is your indoor air quality and not outdoor air, which is responsible for different health problems like allergies, asthma, hay fever, etc. You can take care of all these with an air purification system offered by a reliable UV air purifier supplier.

But do you know how to choose one? Don’t worry! Here are some of the factors you should o consider when choosing a normal air purifier or a HEPA air purifier with UV light

Criteria for Buying Air Purifiers

Size of the area:

Your room size you wish to purify is a key consideration when buying a UV air purifier. If you pick a purifier that is small, it will not be effective to clean the indoor air and it will be rendered useless.

If you select a purifier that is huge, you must be wasting your money on power bills. Thus, before you pick an air purifier to acquire, you should measure your room area and then proceed to buy an air purifier cleaning system that can purify the subject area.

The CADR Rating:

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a ranking or rating that tells how effective an air or UV air purifier is in eliminating

  • pollen particles,
  • dust mites, and
  • smoke from your indoor air

A high CADR rating suggests the equipment is quicker and more effective at removing harmful substances than a lower CADR purifier. Therefore, you must select an air purifier system with a high CADR rating.

Air changes per hour:

This shows the number of times an air purifier purifies the whole air within the given area in one hour. So, the air changes per hour are directly proportional to the efficient purifier. A purifier with high change per hour is not only useful in purifying the air but is also beneficial in maintaining its purity by clearing the air from purifier and impurities consistently and quickly. Therefore, you have to choose the one with a high rate of air changing per hour.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Many people avoid paying attention to the ease of purifier cleaning when choosing it. Later on, they get frustrated with having to put loads of effort into its maintenance. While buying a HEPA air purifier with UV light, you should be aware of how regularly it demands servicing and cleanliness.

  • How long these filters can be used before replacement?
  • How expensive the filters are?  

Once you get all these questions answered, you can select and buy one that is easy to clean and not very expensive to maintain. 

Noise Level:

Some UV air purifiers make a lot of noise that can wake up the dead!

Since you need a purifier without compromising your health, it will not happen if you pick a noisy one and ultimately lose your sleep. Thus, ask and test the noise level of your air purifier before purchasing.

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