As a leading company in the export industry of uv air purifier, we have long-term customers, including the United States, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other regions. We are happy to announce that our list of satisfied customers is increasing day by day.

Let our customers be completely satisfied. Never affect product quality. Deliver products on time. Maintain price competitiveness so that customers can easily afford it

The factory we cooperate with is Beijing Foxconn, which is a branch of FIH and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

We know what package and pallets & container loading are best for buyer .

We have a professional quality control team to control the quality.

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XiaoMai Technology was established in 2020. In order to protect the people and space we love, we take the development and manufacture of the best UV air purifier as our mission, so that all of us can return to the right track of life. In order to ensure that the UV lamp has high sterilization efficiency while being safe and not harming the human body, we have cooperated with global pioneers in the fields of science, research, engineering and manufacturing to make this technology a reality.

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